Oksana a Passion Business Music InsideOksana Kolesnikova is a world-renowned artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and public figure.

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MEET OKSANA: From Polo Lounge Entertainer to CEO and Entrepreneur

Oksana Kolesnikova got her start in Beverly Hills playing piano at the Polo Lounge. Now, she is the CEO and Founder of three successful companies making a difference in children’s lives through their academic enrichment programming.

Oksana Kolesnikova is becoming a household name across Southern California and beyond.  Those who have watched her rise up in Beverly Hills knew all along this was going to happen. From getting her start as a pianist at the Polo Lounge to now serving as the Founder and CEO of three successful companies, Oksana is setting herself up for even bigger moves in the near future. Oksana moved to Beverly Hills from Florida in 2006 to serve as the pianist at The Polo Lounge, the legendary 5-star restaurant and bar in The Beverly Hills Hotel, after spending parts of 2003 and 2004 traveling the world entertaining US troops stationed in Europe and Asia; performing for the United Nations, with appearances on PBS and five consecutive years at the Home Shopping Network.

Her position at The Polo Lounge provided her the opportunity to expand her artistic career; Oksana booked private parties, galas, and private lessons for both adults and children in the greater Los Angeles area. It was during this time at the Polo Lounge that Oksana realized her true passion in life: educating and enriching the lives of children through music. By the time she left The Polo Lounge in 2013, Oksana Management Group, Inc. (OMG) had been in operation for three years. Her first business, OMG, provides online and in-person private lessons and after-school enrichment programs for music lessons, foreign languages, and academic tutoring for K-12. When school is not in session, OMG provides summer camps, providing a year-round educational experience with a vast array of programs. The organization partners with schools, school districts, and municipalities (including the City of Beverly Hills) to provide children with additional educational and cultural opportunities that include music lessons, foreign language instruction, as well as programs such as acting, drawing and painting, chess, animation, financial literacy, and many more. Oksana is quickly becoming a top choice for celebrities looking at private educational programs.

The organization grew locally, leading Oksana to realize her vision beyond her backyard. With OMG’s success in Southern California, Oksana realized that her focus on music and foreign language was in-demand across the country. In order to provide these opportunities, she created Oksana Franchising International (OFI). Just recently, OFI has been approved to award education-based franchises in 35 states, adhering to the same curriculum that brought Oksana and her team success in Southern California. While Oksana found her initial upscale clientele through her connections within the Beverly Hills elite, she realized that there was a large section of the population who could not afford any kind of after-school enrichment programming. Turning from for-profit to non-profit, Oksana created the Oksana Foundation in 2020. Thanks to generous sponsors, the Foundation provides scholarships and grants for children to be able to utilize those programs. Through her extensive network in Southern California, Oksana and her team have been able to partner with businesses and other philanthropic entrepreneurs to grow their reach through the Foundation and touch the lives of even more children. After 10 solid years in business, Oksana earned the prestigious Award of Excellence in Education at a pre-Grammy Awards party for her contributions to her after-school enrichment programs. As she looks ahead, Oksana is grounded in her family-first mentality. She and her husband/business partner Alex live in Valencia, CA where they have resided since 2016 with their teen son Alessandro, a skilled pianist and budding entrepreneur himself.  She frequently posts to her YouTube channel, Oksanabella, with videos of her and her students performing music and participating in the various parts of the OMG curriculum.

Oksana owns and operates three businesses: Oksana Management Group, Inc., Oksana Franchising International, Inc., and Oksana Foundation.

Oksana Management Group, Inc. was established in 2010.

Website: www.OksanaManagementGroup.com

Oksana Management Group Inc LogoIt provides online and in-person private lessons and after-school enrichment programs for music lessons (piano, voice, guitar, etc.,), foreign languages (Spanish, Italian, French, etc.,), K-12 academic tutoring (all subjects), as well as other programs such as Financial Literacy for children and teens. We also offer exciting Summer Camps. We work with schools, school districts, and municipalities, as well as with private, individual clients.

At OMG, we believe that a child who discovers his or her passion — and ultimately nurtures it — quickly learns that knowledge is indeed power. And with great power comes great responsibility… a philosophy our instructors embed into every enriching lesson plan.

Oksana Franchising International, Inc. awards education-based franchises in 35 states.

Website: www.OksanaEnrichment.com

Oksana Enrichment ProgramsOffering private one-on-one lessons for students and our After-School Enrichment programs for public, private, and charter schools, we are the consummate “one-stop shop” for modern-day scholastic and art solutions. Successfully established in numerous schools and expanding nationally, Oksana® Enrichment Programs offers private, one-on-one lessons in the following areas:

• Music (including piano, singing/voice, guitar, violin, drums, and more) • Foreign Languages (including Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and others) • K Through 12 Academic Tutoring in All Subjects

Enrolling your child in the Oksana® Enrichment Programs curriculum, regardless of program or level, reflects a commitment to education excellence…one that will reward both you, as parents, and your child with success-laden gratification.

Furthering our mission, Oksana® Enrichment Programs offers franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs in the private education sector. We provide a thoroughly-developed program of training, materials and personal support that aligns with our exceptional brand.

Oksana® Foundation is an education and arts-focused 501(c)(3) that provides private lessons and after-school enrichment programs to underprivileged youth.

Website: www.OksanaFoundation.org

Oksana Foundation Logo HRWithin every child is the promise of a better world. At the Oksana® Foundation, we believe that limited means should not limit a child’s talent. We provide access to educational opportunities for children so their talents can be nurtured, cultivated, and utilized to create positive and lasting changes in the world around them.

ALESSANDRO CONCAS, the son of Oksana Kolesnikova (Born 2009)

Alessandro HarwardWebsite: www.AlessandroConcas.com

My very first book was “The A to Zs of Fighting Boredom” which I wrote when I was 8 years old. My second book, “Life of the Time Cat: Rise of Catastrophyre” is available for purchase! “Warning of the Ultimate Element” is the second book of the Life of the Time Cat series and is available as well.

I am just a regular kid, the son of California-based pianist, composer, and entrepreneur Oksana® Kolesnikova and a student at Tesoro del Valle Elementary School. I like to help other children make their free time more productive with my books while using proceeds from the sale of them to contribute to welfare organizations, as well as funding my own college education and helping with my school’s fundraisers.

Serata Italiana (Italian Evening)

Website: www.SerataItaliana.club

Serata Logo

Serata Italiana is an expert Italian language and culture program to include beginner/intermediate/advanced groups, authentic Italian settings, dinners, Live cooking shows directly from Italy and more.

We bring Italy to your home!

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