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Our company’s mission at Oksana® Enrichment Programs is all about that middle word – “enrichment.”  Offering private one-on-one lessons for students and our After-School Enrichment programs for public, private and charter schools, we are the consummate “one stop shop” for modern day scholastic and arts solutions.

Successfully established in numerous schools and expanding nationally, Oksana® Enrichment Programs offers private, one-on-one lessons in the following areas:

  • Music (including piano, singing/voice, guitar, violin, drums and more)
  • Foreign Languages (including Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and others)
  • K Through 12 Academic Tutoring in All Subjects

Enrolling your child in the Oksana® Enrichment Programs curriculum, regardless of program or level, reflects a commitment to education excellence…one that will reward both you, as parents, and your child with success-laden gratification.

Furthering our mission, Oksana® Enrichment Programs offers franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs in the private education sector. We provide a thoroughly-developed program of training, materials and personal support that aligns with our exceptional brand.

Client Testimonials

“My 9 year old son has been getting music lessons from the Oksana School of Music for several years now and our family absolutely loves them. He started off on drums, moved to piano, and then found his musical instrument of choice – the electric guitar, so he has had several different teachers from the school and every single one of them has been great. Everyone we have had contact with at the school has been wonderful- extremely nice, caring people. Payment is fast and easy- we do everything online and have never had any issues. And the teachers come to our place with a smile on their face, ready to teach our little rocker. He looks forward to the lessons every week. If you are looking for some talented teachers to give you music lessons from a fantastic organization, I highly recommend the Oksana Enrichment.”

Jeff S.
from Beverly Hills, CA

“I have had the pleasure of working with Oksana and her team since 2003. Oksana is passionate about her craft and has always enjoyed sharing her knowledge of music and her piano skills with others. This passion is what stirred her desire to open the Oksana School of Music and Oksana Enrichment. Since its inception, they have enriched the lives of countless students of all ages. They are creative thinkers who continually look for ways to enhance their program for students. The Oksana team works feverishly to ensure a portion of their work is dedicated to helping children. Honesty, integrity and their unyielding desire to develop the musician in each of us place the Oksana Enrichment above all others!”

Karen K.
from Liberty Hill, TX

“It has been a true pleasure having Oksana Enrichment teach music and voice at our school. Her desire to provide an enrichment class instructed with a high quality education is what I love the most! This desire and the reasonable priced enrichment classes has made it possible for our school to allow our kids to be exposed to a talented musician as well as be instructed by her team.”

Cassie E., PTA President
Emblem Academy, Santa Clarita, CA

“These guys are awesome. I’ve been working with them for a couple of years as a teacher, and they’ve always been friendly, knowledgable, and trustworthy. And if I ever have any questions about how to make my teaching mor effective, Alex and Oksana are always there to help. They somehow tend to attract very kind and hard-working clients as well!”

Aaron H.
from Santa Monica, CA

Call 1-833-4-OKSANA | 1-833-465-7262