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Hello, Friends!

Hope this finds you well.

February started with a bang, here at OMG! See Oksana featured this month on the Hollywood Weekly Magazine and on the Santa Clarita Magazine!

OMG Social Mixer Feb inviteWhat’s New

Coming up in just a few days, our monhtly OMG MIXER! Please remember to RSVP if you are planning to attend. No walk-ins. Food, Fun, Networking/Socializing. FREE event.

Click image for more details.



Oksana Enrichment WhiteAs you may already know, we have officially launched our latest endeavor, the national and international franchising of our successful business model. We are receiving inquiries on daily basis from the 35 States we are approved for, and are currently selecting the potential candidates in order to assess who will be the first Oksana Enrichment Franchisees.

We also have an exciting ‘referral program’ in place where for every referral you send our way who ultimately becomes and Oksana Enrichment Franchisee, you receive a $2,500 “Finder’s Fee”.

Simply email us for more details or if you know anyone potentially interested in our opportunity.

Calling out to musicians and educators who want to expand their careers and business entrepreneurs seeking a well-researched and supported opportunity… If you have ever considered joining a franchise network for a certain brand or company, but had these reservations: “It’s too risky.” “I don’t have the capital.” “People might not buy my product.” “I don’t know the first thing about running a business.” “With the way the economy seems to fluctuate, forget about it.” Imagine easily moving past these reservations! Click image to see our unique Franchising Opportunity!

Oksana® Foundation Coming Soon!

Oksana Foundation Logo HR

MISSION STATEMENT: Within every child is the promise of a better world. At the Oksana® Foundation, we believe that limited means should not limit a child’s talent. We provide access to educational opportunities for children so their talents can be nurtured, cultivated and utilized to create positive and lasting changes in the world around them. Please bookmark the Oksana Foundation Website!

Please standby for an exciting announcement!

Kind regards,
Your Team at OMG, Inc.

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