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When it comes to any kind of video work – whether it’s a wedding, documentary film, commercial, behind-the-scenes special or interview – it’s imperative that the artist pour all his or her heart, soul and love into every project that’s undertaken. Without this inherent passion, the resulting video piece will ultimately be devoid of charisma, flamboyance and, most importantly, professionalism. If you have been looking for the kind of filmmaking expert that exudes this kind of passion and who can turn imagination into lush, vivid realities, no matter the occasion or project, I am your cinematographer.

It isn’t every day we introduce a trendsetting, truly extraordinary entrepreneur to our database, but we think it’s more than warranted when it comes to Italian-born Mr. Daniele Buccheri of Daniele Buccheri Films. Indeed, this visionary artist and videographer extraordinaire – as we have come to call him – is so much more than your garden variety wedding photographer. Case in point: Daniele has recently snapped dramatic, awe-inspiring pictures of Oksana® Kolesnikova for the October/November 2020 cover and inside spread of the prestigious élite magazine, a bi-monthly glossy publication dedicated to embodying the best of the Santa Clarita Valley, and we expect this feature covering the multi-talented pianist and businesswoman to sizzle off the magazine’s pages like a steak on a hot grill – especially with Daniele’s accompanying images.

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We would like to take this moment to introduce you to the man behind Daniele Buccheri Films, an artist who not only pours his heart, soul and love into every project, but who almost instinctively drives the consummate wedge between amateurs and overt professionals in the world of video.

An Italian cinematographer/photograapher based in Los Angeles but available for projects anywhere in the world, Daniele Buccheri brings a plethora of hands-on experience unmatched in the market. Utilizing a deep-rooted passion for filmmaking and storytelling, Daniele unleashes his talents on a regular basis at weddings and events of all types, adding complete video production to the package for everything from drone/aerial shots to behind-the-scenes footage, short films, commercials and promos, production shots, interviews, music videos and more.

Being bilingual in both English and Italian has helped Daniele communicate with a vast array of clients around the world, further bolstering his filming style, which he has defined as “cinematic, elegant and modern.” Yet beyond all this is an unbridled and unique ability to make wedding videos look like polished Hollywood productions – something he is particularly proud of. As Daniele himself explains:

“I value a working relationship with clients who share a passion for cinematography and who are, themselves, demanding about receiving a production of their wedding – not just a recording of it.”

The way Daniele sees it, it is imperative that an artist of any kind pour his or her heart, soul and love into every project that’s undertaken, and that without this inherent passion, the resulting video piece will ultimately be devoid of charisma, flamboyance and, most importantly, professionalism. As such, this filmmaking expert turns imagination into lush, vivid realities, regardless of occasion or project.

“For me, it’s all about the moment…capturing it and sharing the experience with the viewer or client in a cinematic yet honest way,” adds Daniele. “From the whimsical, almost flirtatious flow of a gorgeous white wedding dress to the dramatic angles of an overhead aerial shot from a drone, there is an inherent artistic element in every snap of my cameras, click of my editing equipment or keen squint of my eye.”

We don’t believe anyone could have said it any better.

For more information about Daniele Buccheri and his Daniele Buccheri Films, visit www.DBFilms.net.

You may also read his inspiring story on VoyageLA Magazine.

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Oksana on the cover of élite magazine – Photo: Daniele Buccheri — About élite Magazine — élite is a bi-monthly glossy magazine dedicated to the finer things in life, bringing you engaging editorials about the culture, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and personalities that embody the best of the Santa Clarita.


Oksana on élite magazine


Oksana on élite magazine


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